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Youngevity Weight Management Products Overview

Losing weight is simple, take more calories out of the system than what you put in. Doesn’t matter the food, doesn’t matter the combination, and doesn’t matter the ingredients…it’s all about the calories..its more math than it is nutrition. But that’s losing weight, being healthy and preventing illness and disease is totally different. Health is all about nutrition, the kinds of calories you put into your system can determine how strong your body will be in preventing and fighting disease and illness, how you’ll feel and the quality of life you’ll have, and ALSO how you’ll look. The Youngevity HealthyLifeStyles system is the only system that brings together the “math” of weight loss with the science and nutrition of incredible health and powerful living.

The HealthyLifeStyle system integrates a set of powerful nutritional supplements that promote elements such as metabolism, convenient nutritional intake, and detoxification/cleansing and combines them with complete, wholesome, real food nutrition to provide the most effective, healthy weight loss and maintenance programs ever.

Continuing the drive that Youngevity has to significantly improving the quality of life of individuals by providing them with the nutrients that promote the prevention, fighting, and defeating of the body’s most debilitating health concerns, the HealthyLifeStyle programs reinforce these principles in weight loss, healthy maintenance, and human performance.

slender fx meal replacement

Product #1 – Slender FX Meal Replacement Shake

What if there was a way for you to have a perfectly-apportioned-great-tasting-meal-with-the-exact-amount-of-calories-you-need-and-balanced-nutrient-ratios-and-only-takes-five-minutes-to-prepare-including-clean-up?
Sound too good to be real?

Well, it’s not only real, it’s incredibly tasty too! This amazing, healthy and tasty meal is called the Slender FX Meal Replacement Shake.

Healthy weight management is as much about getting the right kinds of calories as it is about lowering your calories. But understanding how various nutrient/nutrient combinations can benefit your body can be complex and confusing.  Fortunately, Youngevity not only untangles the confusion, it also offers the solution– the Slender FX Meal Replacement Shake This science-based formula was developed by team of experts and years of research working together to create a highly dense, nutritious, and great-tasting shake that can meet a broad range of needs–from helping individuals lose weight to nutritionally supporting the performance needs of elite athletes.*

At the core of Slender FX Meal Replacement Shake is a proprietary combination of highly purified and refined protein sources that promote the building of lean muscle tissue and strengthen the body’s internal systems of health and wellness.  Slender FX™ Meal Replacement Shakeuses highly concentrated protein sources that provide the body with nutrients that regulate the body’s metabolism and trigger the burning of storage calories, also called fat, while laying a foundation for lean muscle strength and recovery.  Various sources of nutrients are used to create a time sensitive supply of calories and energy to the body so individuals can properly fight the rigors of mental and physical fatigue throughout the day and in their workouts.  Each serving of Slender FX™ Meal Replacement Shake contains 30% of the recommended daily value of 20 vitamins and minerals as well as protein, a critical building block for muscles, organs, and the immune system. All these amazing benefits are combined in a great tasting shake that is low in fat and carbohydrates and has zero grams of dangerous, cell-destroying, sugar!

There is a difference between “thinking” you’re eating well and “knowing” you’re eating well.  The difference is success.  With every serving ofSlender FX™ Meal Replacement Shake you will KNOW that you are taking in the best nutrients in the amounts you need them…positioning you for the greatest possibility for success.

slender fx sweet eze

Product #2 – Slender FX Sweet Eze

Sweet EZE is a proprietary set of minerals, herbs, and spices that naturally regulate energy (sugar) absorption from the blood to the cells, making efficient, quick use of energy from foods. This regulation and “gatekeeping” of sugar helps the body to keep calories in the energy systems rather than the storage areas where they can build up and turn to excess weight.

slender fx food fiber

Product #3 – Slender FX Food Fiber

With all the fanfare protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals get in the healthy eating “show” there is one star that upstages all of these – FIBER.  Even if you think you’re getting enough dietary fiber, you probably aren’t.  Most individuals get between 10-15 grams of fiber per day; the American Academy of Sciences recommends you get between 24 to 35 grams. However, if you ask medical professionals, disease and illness prevention experts, and nutritional researchers, they’ll recommend you get much more than that.

You probably know that fiber helps the digestive system by normalizing bowl movements and preventing constipation.  But did you know that scientific research has linked the consumption of fiber to significant health benefits such as blood cholesterol levels, lower risk of type 2 diabetes, heart health, weight loss, preventing certain cancers, and support for the immune system?  Simply, you need to get as much fiber in your diet as your body can tolerate because its healing and healthy properties go way beyond anything you can imagine.

Ironically, the great thing about fiber is also its drawback. Fiber is filling, has minimal calories (or energy), and is concentrated in healthy foods. But most people don’t eat enough healthy fiber-rich foods, and when they do, it’s not easy to eat a lot of it.

Because getting fiber into your diet isn’t easy, there’s Slender FX™ Food Fiber.  Food Fiber makes it simple to add 3 or more grams of health promoting soluble fiber to any meal.  It quickly dissolves in any liquid and is tasteless so it can be sprinkled on any meal.  Food Fiber can boost the fiber content of any meal and provide it additional nutritional support to buffer sugar levels, trap fat and cholesterol, and keep it moving through the system.*

Healthy gut, healthy body, it’s just that simple. If you’re not getting enough fiber in your diet, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to some of the most debilitating health issues of today. Food Fiber arms you with the most powerful weapon against the enemies of long life, vital living and true wellness.

youngevity slender fx cleanes fx

Product #4 – Slender FX Cleanse FX

Many individuals feel their digestive tract needs a “good scrubbing” every once and a while with harsh, abusive cleansing products. But Youngevity, medical research, and experts recommend otherwise.  Your sensitive and tender digestive system needs proper nourishment, strengthening, and support so that it can continue to do what it does best – absorb nutrients from foods and eliminate waste from the body.  Proper nutrition and gentle—not harsh—cleansing of the gastrointestinal lining can help keep your digestive system free of debris and lubricated so it can absorb nutrients and smoothly remove waste from the body.

In addition to nutrient absorption and waste removal, our digestive tract plays a crucial role in protecting our bodies from the harmful effects of toxic substances. Healthy, “clean” foods such as lean proteins produce toxins and waste that can damage tissues, organs and even cells if not properly eliminated.  As well, our environment and the physical and mental stresses we place on our bodies also produce a great many, powerful toxins.

For optimal wellness, it’s critical to aid the body in neutralizing these toxins and providing an environment where they carefully handled. That’s why Youngevity designed Slender FX Cleanse FXThis gentle, proprietary herbal blend is formulated to support the body’s own internal systems of cleansing and detoxification that are so critical for good health.*

The digestive system is one of the most important systems of the body.  Without its proper function and health it’s impossible to get the nutrients you need for true growth, development, and wellness. Slender FX Cleanse FX works not only to create an environment for the internal cleansing systems and organs of the body to do their job but also provides a foundation of growth and strengthening to promote greater long term health.*

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